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CCNY Tech sells new and refurbished IT equipment from some of the most recognizable brands in the IT industry.

We have partnerships that allow us to provide competitive prices. Our resources help to offer an experience that is difficult to come by anywhere else. No matter your location, we’ve got what it takes to be Your Local IT Company.


Founded in 1984, Dell uses state of the art technology to produce superior laptops, servers, and components. As an authorized reseller of Dell, CCNY Tech is able to pass on discounts to its customers. From Dell laptops to computers, CCNY Tech has it covered. CCNY Tech will provide Dell servers which can unlock workload potential. With Dell servers you can get versatile local storage and simplified systems management. With CCNY Tech’s Dell PowerEdge servers you get enterprise quality with small business pricing.

If you are looking to save money, look into CCNY Tech’s refurbished Dell PowerEdge Servers.  Use CCNY Tech’s vast experience in the used IT market to your advantage.  We can offer you used Dell servers at huge savings.


CCNY Tech offers great network solutions at an affordable price with Fortinet.  

Founded in 2000, Fortinet upholds the standards of high performance and innovation which CCNY Tech also holds high in regard. CCNY Tech, as an authorized platinum partner of Fortinet, is able to leverage their relationship with Fortinet to provide competitive pricing. Our team of engineers have gone through ample training in Fortinet to help provide not only exceptional product knowledge for solutions, but also installation and setup if requested. Increasing efficiency, our resources allow our customers to get both their products from us and have our engineers work to make sure their product is setup and working for them, if needed.



Hewlett Packard / HP.  CCNY Tech is an authorized reseller of HP, allowing for the discounts to be passed to its customers. No matter what your size, there is an HP server that is right to help your increasing user and customer demands. HP servers can help you focus in on key areas of IT transformation that will help you increase agility and flexibility, reduce costs, grow revenue and profits, manage risk, and improve your customers’ and employees’ experiences.

HP servers redefine compute economics by delivering more compute and storage capacity, right-sized compute with flexible choices, and lower compute energy and floor space consumption. With HP rack and tower servers, you can accelerate your business results with faster compute, memory, and I/O performance, coupled with increased storage and networking performance – including lower latency.



CCNY Tech works with an authorized SUN/Oracle partner, SMI tech, to provide customers with some of the most prestigious servers, and storage in the IT world. CCNY Tech offers a full line of IT equipment incorporating used and refurbished Sun SPARC Servers. All the equipment has the CCNY Tech warranty.  We have been selling refurbished and used Sun hardware for over 25 years.  We supply upgrades and spare parts for most current systems.  We also are a great resource for most EOL Sun Microsystems equipment.  This includes legacy SPARC Enterprise and Sun Fire systems.

Check out some of our CCNY Tech certified refurbished Sun servers listed on our website.


Being one of the leaders in networking equipment, starting in 1984, Cisco is a brand that is tough to top. TriBar Technologies is an authorized Cisco Partner which helps to get Cisco products at competitive prices.

As a leader in the networking sector, Cisco networking delivers cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Increase your network performance and security with Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers and other dependable Cisco Hardware!



Since 1911, IBM has been providing hardware and software for the world which has increased and contributed to computing worldwide. IBM Servers are designed for large workloads and will help you to maintain your company’s data and business applications. The combination of computing power, memory bandwidth and I/o make IBM a great choice for your business. Build a strong, secure network with affordable prices from CCNY Tech.

The IBM Storage portfolio offers security and reliability for your data.

Authorized Partnerships

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